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Custom Written Software Disadvantages
May not have been extensively tested.
Open Source Software
Software placed in a public domain by the programmers for the public to use. They often do
Open Source Software Advantages
Most likely free of charge.
No Maintenance Contracts.
Open Source Software Disadvantages
Proprietary Software Advantages
There is someone to go to if there is a problem.
Proprietary Software Disadvantages
May be expensive
Off-The-Shelf Software
Software that can be bought from a supplier already boxed and ready to install.
Off-The-Shelf Software Advantages
It is ready immediately.
Off-The-Shelf Software Disadvantages
Probably wont be exactly what the customer needs.
An object oriented programming language.
a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated until a certain condition is reached (unless it is
a directive that tells the computer to do something. Think of it as a single command or an
A changeable value attached to a unique name, recorded in a computer's memory.
the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions (programming)
a data type with alphanumeric characters and allowed symbols - that which can be contained within