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An interactive environment that allows the user to control the step by step execution of a Python
Information in a program that is meant for other programmers (or anyone reading the source code) and has
Another name for a runtime error.
formal language
Any one of the languages that people have designed for specific purposes, such as representing
high-level language
A programming language like Python that is designed to be easy for humans to read and
To execute a program in a high-level language by translating it one line at a time.
low-level language
A programming language that is designed to be easy for a computer to execute; also called
natural language
Any one of the languages that people speak that evolved naturally.
To examine a program and analyze the syntactic structure.
A property of a program that can run on more than one kind of computer.
print function
A function used in a program or script that causes the Python interpreter to display a value on
problem solving
The process of formulating a problem, finding a solution, and expressing the solution.
A sequence of instructions that specifies to a computer actions and computations to be performed.
programming language
A formal notation for representing solutions.
Python shell
An interactive user interface to the Python interpreter. The user of a Python shell types commands