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runtime error
An error that does not occur until the program has started to execute but that prevents the
semantic error
An error in a program that makes it do something other than what the programmer intended.
The meaning of a program.
shell mode
A style of using Python where we type expressions at the command prompt, and the results are shown
source code
A program, stored in a file, in a high-level language before being compiled or interpreted.
syntax error
An error in a program that makes it impossible to parse — and therefore impossible to interpret.
One of the basic elements of the syntactic structure of a program, analogous to a word in a natural
Punch cards
Program looms
What were punch cards invented for?
Charles Babbage
Difference Engine, 1822
Hollerith Tabulating Machine
End of 19th century, calculated census
Mark 1
First "modern" computer, 1942
ENIAC (reason)
Built for military during WWII. Calculated artillery trajectory
ENIAC (when & what)
Finished 1946 calculate 5000 addition problems in 1 second