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Criminal penalties
jail or fines
A process that is repeatable and predictable.
A place where you can go to get detailed information about aspects of your programming language.
A file containing Python definitions and statements intended for use in other Python programs. The
pseudo-random number
A number that is not genuinely random but is instead created algorithmically.
random number
A number that is generated in such a way as to exhibit statistical randomness.
random number generator
A function that will provide you with random numbers, usually between 0 and 1.
standard library
A collection of modules that are part of the normal installation of Python.
A value that appears in a call to a method.
A number base with ten digits.
A number base with eight digits.
A number base with only two digits. 0's and 1's
Block Statement
A group of statements bracketed by { }.
Primitive Type
In Java, a number type or Boolean (There are 8: long, short, float, char, int, boolean, byte, bit,
A primitive data type that represents either true or false.