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a __________ is a small text file placed on a user computer by a web server.
RAT (remote access tool)
a __________ is a variant that inserts a back door into the compromised
DOS attack
An assault on a computer that is performed by hackers whose purpose is to disrupt access to the
a __________ is the collection of data organized to meet the users needs.
Database structure
__________ refers to how the related information within a
structured query language
Database management system
a __________ is a system that allows the
data hierarchy
a __________ is an arrangement of data consisting of sets and subsets such that
Database key
a __________ is a field in a table used to indentify a record.
a __________ is a collection of field about a specific entry.
Primary key
a __________ is a field within a database table that uniquely identifies with the
Relational database
a __________ organizes databasesinto multiple tables that are related by
Database tools
__________ include software and techniques for analyzing, maintaining, and
__________ is graphical representation.
Data dictionary
a __________ provides a detailed description of each field and table in a