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Industrial databases
__________ are large databases that function as the cornerstone of
Data Mining
__________ refers to the process of extracting information from a data warehouse or
data warehouse
a __________ is any large database that holds important information.
Distributed Database
a __________ takes available data sorted in multiple locations and makes it
data center
a __________ is a climate controlled building that houses servers that store and deliver
Database administrations(DBA)
__________ manages organizations databases.
Artificial intelligence (AI)
__________ referes to the art and science of creating computer
__________ is a definite procedure with a finite number of steps.. ex:*/+-
__________ consist of all the various to AI research that generally fall under one
Conventional AI
symbolic AI,logical AI, or neat AI. __________ uses programming that emphasizes statistical
Expert systems
__________ is a form of conventional AI that is programmed to function like a human
Computational intelligence
__________ is an offshoot of AI that employs methodologies such as
Neural network
a __________ uses software to simulate the functioning of the neurons in a human
Turing Test
the __________ is a method of determining if a machine exhibits human intelligence.
__________ is the point at which computers exceed humans intelligence, launching a new