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AI applications
__________ refers to the ways in which AI methodologies are applied
__________ is developing mechanical or computing devices to perform tasks that require a high
Computer vision
__________ combines hardware and AI software that permit computers to
Neural Language process
__________ uses AI techniques to enable computers to seperate
Intelligence agent
__________ consists of programs and a knowledge base used to
Pattern recognition
__________ is trained to recognize data
Artifical creativity
brand of AI that works to program computers to express themselves in things such as art,
In-house group of programmers
Continuous representation of physical property - wave sound
Capture data with sensors (temperature, sound, pressure, light, chemical, etc.).
Selected group of outside users that are willing to give feedback on program.
Data collection
Who, What, validation, processing - Interview, surveys, existing documents, search
Data represented in discrete quantities
Direct Access
Ability to randomly access an arbitrary element in equal time. Used in stores
Direct Change
Adv. = when old and new are totally different. Dis = possible loss of data, crashes