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Information includes origin, destination, time of travel, location in sequence
Parallel Change
Adv. = Check new and old together, no loss of data, Dis= twice the work
Parity bit
Security digit added to ensure that the number of bits is always even or odd
Phased Change
Adv. = small sections tested and confirmed to work. Dis= extended training time
Used to store programs and variables while in execution. Cache RAM and ROM
Agreed upon formats and procedures related to data transfer
Lower and upper limits of data
Temporary storage location capable of storing 1 word = multiple of 8 bits.
Identifies the proper destination of data
Refers to permanent memory storage (ex. disks, flash, tape).
Sequential data access in order used in payroll accounts
Software Cycle
Analysis > Design > Construction > Test - Install > Maintenance > Analysis
Temp = A; A = B; B = temp;
System Analysis
Clear picture of current system's Input>Process>Output All understand problem
System Requirements
Hardware/software, functions personal and tasks, formal performance agreement