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Instruction set
The group of instructions availible for that specific processor to use
Op code
The group of bits in an instruction that represents the operation. e.g EAT, MOVE and TURN
Machine code
A binary representation of a program
High Level Programming Language
A programming language written in constructs we can understand. Languages such as
How many characters are in ASCII?
Definition of ASCII
The American Standard Code for Information Interchange
How many pts to an inch (Font)
How many bits are in a byte?
What is source code?
Programming statements written in ASCII
What is "object" code?
Machine Language in Binary
What is a program compiler?
Converts source code and object code
Itegrated Development Environment
What does the acronym IDE stand for?
Name 3 components of IDE
GUI, Text editor, Language, Syntax, Compiler
Name 3 examples of "events" in VB
Mouse move, key up/down, Command, Click, Change, Scroll