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Name 3 guidelines for good form design.
Professional Apperance, Appropriate use of color, font, and controls
Command-Initiates an
Name 3 common controls you would place on a "form". Describe the purpose of each
C.B. - Name, .Visible, Font, Caption; T -
Name 3 properties of these controls: Command Button, TEXT, & Label.
Load, Unload
Name 2 events assosiated with a form.
Blue Triangle; Run, then Start; F5
Describe 2 ways to exacute (run) a VB program
Equals sign (=)
What is the symbol for the "assignment operator"?
Puts the words side by side
The "+" in between a string, text, or caption property does what?
Command, Label
Name 2 controls that have a Caption property.
Open House was a Grand Success
Label1.Caption = Text1.Text + "was" + "a Grand Success"
Text1.TEXT not Text1.CAPTION
Text1.Caption = "No Mixers at Devon"
What works the best for "titles", Labels or Text Boxes?
Design, Code, Run
What are the three modes for VB6?
What are 2 ways to get out of Run mode?
Programmed exit, "X" out, Click on the blue "Stop" square
Window's State
What form property do you use to cause the form to load and fill the entire screen?
What is the state needed to make the form fill the screen?