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metasearch engine
method of searching the Web that uses other search engines
a search engine component that explores different web sites
subject directory
method of searching the Web with topics organized by humans
AI system designed to simulate conversation with human
pattern that repeats itself at different scales
recursive loop
an iteration or unending repeat of a pattern
method of data collection which makes a case for or against an option
data exchange
process where large amounts of data from many different sources provide a unified view
method of data collection to find new information
search history
a list of all the Internet searches that an individual user has performed
web mining
the synergy of data mining and Internet usage
a business that sells products or services
Cartesian Coordinates
method to pinpoint location on a map or graph by how far to the right or left, and how far
Cartesian Geometry
the pure mathematics of points, lines, curves and surfaces
Polar Coordinates
a method to establish location on a map or graph by how far away, and at what angle the