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compareTo method.
A number or string that can be stored in a variable or computed in an expression.
Type Conversion
Converting values from one type to another.
Variable Names
A name given to a variable. Can contain both letters and digits, but they have to begin with a
Define the language's syntax rules and structure, and they cannot be used as variable names.
A combination of values, variables, operators, and calls to functions.
Special tokens that represent computations like addition, multiplication and division.
The values the operator works on.
Integer Division
An operation that divides one integer by another and yields an integer.
Rules of Precedence
The set of rules governing the order in which expressions involving multiple operators and
A Python data type that holds a string of characters.
Type Conversion Function
A function that can convert a data value from one type to another.
Coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory
Assignment operator
=, used to change the value of a variable
new operator
operator in which objects can create other objects