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Internet protocol
(IP) - , Contains specific information that allows computers to identify each other and
Character literal
a single character that appears in single quotes (') in a program
Altair 8800
First personal computer
Commodore 64
best selling computer
first commercial computer
first GUI web browser
Assembly Language
A human-readable version of the primitive computer instructions using words like ADD, MOV,
A program that runs on a computer and translates a file of human-readable Assembly Language
A program that runs another program (one that you are trying to understand and/or fix) by letting
Text Editor
A program that allows a user to type in programming instructions in languages like C++ and format,
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
A set of programs (Compiler, Debugger, Text Editor) combined into
Source File
A text file on disk that contains computer instructions in a programming language like C++.
Header File
A text file on disk that contains function declarations that should be shared across multiple
Executable File
A file on disk containing the Machine Language created by a compiler for a given set of program
Single-step debug
The process of executing a program one statement at a time in a debugger