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Function Signature
The name of a function along with the data type and order of its parameters makes up the
Function Body
The statements inside of a function that perform some task on the data given to the function
Function Arguments
In a function call, the arguments represent the data that will be passed to the function
Function Call
A statement in a program that calls a function, passing to it the correct quantity, order and data
Function Declaration
A statement placed at the top of a source file (or in a header file) that declares the
Function Prototype
Same as function declaration. [p64]
Function Definition
The complete definition of a new function including the name, parameter list, return type
A value in a program that cannot be altered. [p37]
Literal Constant
A constant value in a program whose meaning is exactly what the literal characters
Symbolic Constant
A constant value in a program that is given a unique name (identifier) and initialized
Enumerated Constant
A special data type made up of one or more symbolic constants (whose value is unique but
A word (or symbol) in a programming language that has special meaning and cannot be used as the name of a
A sequence of characters in a program that create the unique name for an object like a function or
Initializing a Variable
Assigning a value to a variable at the time it is declared is called initializing the
Development Cycle
The cycle of steps that programmers go through while developing their program. The steps