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If-Else Statement
An extension of the if-statement where a set of statements are provided to execute in the
Local Variable
A variable declare within the current function body or block (i.e. it's declaration is local to
Global Variable
A variable declaration that is made outside of all functions and that can be manipulated by
Pass By Value
When calling a function and passing a variable name as an argument, the value of the variable is
Default Value (for Function Parameters)
A special form of function declaration where a value can be given to a
Overloading Functions
Creating multiple functions with the same name but with a different quantity of parameters
Inlining Functions
A special marker placed on a function that tells the compiler to places the machine
While loop
A while loop causes a program to repeat a group of statements as long as a starting condition
Do-While loop
A do-while loop is like a while loop except that the condition is checked at the end of the loop
Compound If-Statement
An if-statement with a compound statement as the statement to execute when the condition
Output that is designed to ask the user to do something
A class that is higher in an inheritance hierarchy than a referenced class
Child class
A subclass
A class which is lower in the inheritance hierarchy and therefore inherits from a referenced class
Parent class
A superclass