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Base 10
the decimal number system most familiar to users; uses digits 0 though 9
Base 16
synonym for the hexadecimal system; preceded by #
Base 2
synonym for the binary number system
binary number system
the use of 0s and 1s to represent off and on in electronic circuits
binary search
a method that halves the number of items to check with each try at finding the matching item
binary sort
a method of dividing a list into smaller parts, and then performing the same kind of sort on each
divide and conquer
halving a list into smaller parts, eliminating the useless part, and repeating the search
linear search
method to find matching item one element at a time
minimal spanning tree
design of a network with the least total length of connections
placing more frequent choices in the beginning of a list for a linear sort
synonym for binary sort
World Wide Web
a collection of Internet sites and marked-up documents that are hyperlinked
compression algorithm
a set of steps to take to make the image file smaller. The image is not smaller, just the
dots per inch