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Insertion Sort
A sorting algorithm where the leftmost value in the unsorted portion of the array gets iteratively
Selection Sort
A sorting algorithm in which one swaps the largest value in the unsorted portion into the last
Bubble Sort
A sorting algorithm where neighbors are swapped and the large values move toward their correct
Infinite Loop
A loop that will never finish running because its condition will never be false
The screen (console output) and keyboard (console input) used to perform basic text/numerical interactions
A typeface. On computers, the most common ones include Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, and Comic Sans.
Word processor
An application that allows you to edit and create word documents, which may also include other
A document which contains rows of numbers. It is often used in accounting.
Mac OS X
The operating system currently being developed by Apple. It is the second most popular operating
A operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is not a type of computer.
An open-source operating system that is known for being free and extremely reliable. It is available in
Assembly code
A low-level computer programming language that interfaces directly with your computer. It is
USB drive
A memory storage device which is very often portable and interfaces by the means of the USB port.
The most common port for computers. Many things plug into it. The name of the port is an acronym which
A program which is stored and run on a server far away from your computer. Cloud-based