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The complex world-wide system of networked computers and servers that allow people to share,
IP address
A unique combination of numbers which is the place you access a website. You rarely see them, as
A set of pages (called slides) with multimedia content on them as well as text.
Read/write speed
The speed at which data is written to memory and data is read from memory.
A grouping of files.
low-level programming language
A programming language that interfaces more directly with the computer, rather
high-level programming language
A simpler, more human-understandable programming language that interfaces with
A set of code which runs on the computer, telling the computer to do something. Often called an
Markup language
A language which consists of information and modifiers, instead of commands. HTML files and files
JavaScript is a type of scripting language that tells your browser special things about the page,
Open source
A program like this has all of its code available to the public for free. This also means that you
Adobe Flash
A proprietary content delivery format that allows dynamic content to be on web pages beyond that
This is the opposite of open source. Things like this have their code only seen by the company
Web browser
A type of program that allows you to read content on the Internet. The most common programs like
Email provider
A company/web service which grants the user with an email address and allows the user to read