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Email address
A unique address consisting of a domain and a username which directs email. An example of one of
The part of a URL before the TLD and right after the http:// (and subdomain, if applicable)
A message sent over the internet from an email provider to an email address.
The part of a URL between the http:// and the domain. Note: not all web pages have these. A web
A popular Linux-based mobile operating system by Google. It is not a brand or a corporation.
A popular mobile operating system created by Apple used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models.
holds and organizes computer components; connects them with circuits to enable data transfer
power supply unit; converts (high) voltage wall electricity to a (low) voltage useable by the computer
Power Cables
connect the PSU to the motherboard and drives to supply them with electricity
CPU Socket
the slot that connects the CPU to the motherboard
fan specifically for the CPU to keep it cool
basic input/output system; the "instincts" of the computer; remembers how to run basic functions such as
runs the computer's internal clock; powers the special (CMOS) RAM used by the BIOS when the computer is
connects the CPU with other components and allows them to communicate; includes the north bridge (connects
RAM Slots
slots where RAM is inserted