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Optical Drive (CD/DVD)
stores information on CDs & DVDs by etching (burning) indentations on their surfaces with
IDE Cable
connects drives to motherboard; old, bulky, and slow (think, IDE is so old, soon it's going to
Floppy Cable
connects floppy disc drive to motherboard; differentiated from IDE cable by fewer pins, twist in
SATA Cable
connects drives to motherboard; new, sleek, and fast
see IDE (above) and SATA (below)
Expansion Slots
hold accessory cards like video, audio, and network
graphics processing unit; transforms data into pixels that are displayed on the monitor
Accesory Ports
external ports where accesories are connected to the computer to communicate with the motherboard
Parallel Port
used to connect printers, scanners, external hard drives, and the like
Serial Com [communications] Port
used to connect modems, printers, some mice, and the like; only accessory
VGA Port
video graphics array; used to connect most monitors
DVI Port
digital visual interface; another type of video port used to connect some monitors
high-definition multimedia interface; another type of video port used to connect some monitors,
Keyboard & Mouse Ports
used to connect keyboard and mouse
Audio Ports
microphone line-in (red), stereo (speakers, headphones) line-out (green), and stereo line-in