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any device that can easily be carried and are battery powered with base computing resources in the
operating systems
a powerful and usually large program that controls and manages the hardware and other
Single-user, multi-tasking (sumt) operating system
used on desktop and laptop computers. (Microsoft Windows
Multi-user, Multitask (mumt) Operating system
allows many different users to take advantage of computer's
Single-user, single task (sust)
Only one user can effectively do one thing at a time. The Palm OS for Palm
computer processor
CPU (Central Processing Unit) the brain of your computer and is arguably (maybe) the most
Intel processor
There are 2 manufacturers of mainstream processors, __________ and AMD. __________ dominates both the mid
computer motherboard
It provides the 'hub' of your computer that everything else plugs into. It also provides
Graphic Card Unit
takes information from the processor and calculates how to display it on the screen. Each
Hard Disk Drive
is where all the data in a computer is stored when not in use by the processor. Unlike memory,
computer cooling system
It keeps the components inside your PC cool. Heat is the number one killer of components
computer monitor
It is your window to the computer, so it makes sense to choose a good one both in terms of
Flash drive (usb drive)
is lightweight and can be carried in your pocket. It has large storage capacity than many
external hard drive
has a large storage capacity ideal for backing up the computer's hard drive
Ethernet port
connects your computer to a network.