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USB port
allows you to easily connect a keyboard, mouse, scanner, flash drive and any other USB device to
firewire port
enables your computer to transfer data at high speeds from recording devices such as camcorders
printer port
connects your computer to the printer.
GHz (gigahertz)
one billion cycles in one second
MHz (megahertz)
one million cycles in one second
used to connect a computer to the Internet
USB (universal serial bus)
allows you to quickly and easily connect devices to a computer
Copying or saving data to a secure location to prevent loss of data in the event of a disaster
Data Storage Device
Device capable of permanently or temporarily storing digital data
Data Storage Memory
Permanent memory not part of the motherboard. Uses any suitable data storage device. Can
Flash Drive
Solid-state data storage device
Permission statement authorizing the use of copyrighted computer software
Connecting two or more computers together to share files and hardware
Operating System (OS)
Software used to control the computer and its peripheral equipment
Personal Computer (PC)
Any computer whose price, size, and capabilities make it useful for individuals to use