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Flash Drive
Solid-state data storage device
intellectual property
A person's work or invention that is the result of creativity, to which one has rights and
Copying intellectual property
Assignment operator
=, used to change the value of a variable
A value in a program that cannot be altered. [p37]
a method is called when an object is instantiated using the new keyword
A primitive data type given 4 bytes of storage containing a signed integer that can be stored in the range
a one character data type
Decrement Operator
A special operator that takes the current value of a variable, subtracts one and then
ex: public class Subclass __________ Superclass {}
Increment Operator
A special operator that takes the current value of a variable, adds one and then places
Files are transformed in a form that an unauthorized person cannot understand them.
holds and organizes computer components; connects them with circuits to enable data transfer
Operating System
A set of programs that controls the hardware and lets users and applications work with the
After a while, access to files starts to slow, a process can be used to tidy up the disk or other