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the study of the numerical analysis of text data
to convert a higher language computer program into machine code
counters for the number of times a motor rotates
a tool used to write code in a higher level language
a format that is the final version of a computer program that a particular operating system can
one thousandth of a second
a value passed to a function that the function uses to perform the statements within it
in the robotic world, it is a structure where a robot performs its tasks, often includes marking and
typed language
a computer programming language that requires each variable to be declared using a specific data
virtual world
a simulation of a real situation
an algorithm written in English as preparation for a program
asking a subtask to run in a program
digital divide
The virtual line drawn between people and cultures that have access to computers and those who do
computer infrastructure
The collection of facilities that serve a country, city or area to make communication,
Artificial Intelligence
An interaction indistinguishable from human interaction in which a person is at a computer