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Planning & Zoning

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Affordable housing allocation
A reasonable and fair component of affordable housing required by state law to be
Right that the owners of another property may have to use one's land
Economic and environmental import statements
Studies of the effect that a new development will have on the
Extraterritorial jurisdiction
Control by a community of an area larger than the community or jurisdiction for
Growth Impact Fee
Fee charged to new development to fund the new public facilities required as a result of the
Growth limits
An area beyond which urban growth densities will not be permitted by zoning or infrastructure
Growth moratorium
A temporary prohibition of further development in a community or jurisdiction
Inverse condemnation
Loss of property rights by government action, such as downzoning
Leaking underground storage tanks
Planned unit development (PUD)
A development project, often involving a mixture of land uses and densities not
Point system
A process of grading the desirability of a proposed development based on the number of points
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
Cancer causing chemicals formerly used in the manufacture of electrical
Naturally occurring radioactive gas found in soils in most parts of the country. In large concentrations,
Site plan
Map of a project on its site
Another term for toxic wastes
Unregulated noncontagious, real estate development at the urban perimeter
Urban service area
An area delineated around a community within which the local government plans to provide
Regulation of land use, population density, and building size by district. May be viewed as a phase of
master plan
blueprint for development of lands within town
minor subdivision
dividing a parcel of land into 4 or less lots
setback lines
imaginary lines within which you cannot build
environmental impact statement
a developer or builder must have this before breaking ground on a new construction
major subdivision
dividing a parcel of land into more than 4 lots
non-conforming use
use of property that was lawfully established prior to enactment of new zoning ordinance
grandfather clause
nonconforming use allowed to stay in zoning but must be for the same purpose
mount laurel decisions
created council of affordable housing
Building Ordinances
Regulations defining materials and/or performance standards for structural components, as
An ordinance prohibiting the erection of a building or structure between the curb or other established line
enabling acts
establish govt agencies to carry out specific policies within jurisdictions
Fl's land use program
growth management act
Floridas growth management act of 2011
to encourage compact development and limit urban sprawl; zones and
purpose of zoning
to promore public health safety and general welfare
exceptions to zoning
a variance- if deviation wont harm surrounding property
residential zoning
to control density- number of dwellings per acre
commercial zoning
deisgned to control the intensity of business
industrial zoning
concerned about environment as well as impact on the neighborhood
agricultural zoning
meant to preserve agricultural land
special use zoning
used for churches hospitals etc
bulk zoning
controls density and avoids overcrowding
aesthetic zoning
req. new buildings conform to specific types of archecture
directive zoning
encourages zoning as a planning tool to use land for its highest and best use
adaption of zoning ordinances
must not violate rights of individuals and property owners
the master plan
before city or county can begin administering its zoning; a comprehensive 5-10 year plan where
development of regional impact
DRI is defined as any development which because of location would have a substantial
planned unit development
aka planned urban development
national environmental policy act of 1969
req that theres be an environmental impact statement included when
environmental protection legislation
passed clean air and water act
water supply
provides water to 25 or more people for at least 60 days
septic systems; onsite sewage treatment and disposal system
declares its the public policy to conserve the
Bureau of Onsite Sewage programs in where?
florida dept of health (FDOH) and environmental health section of
toxic substance control act (TSCA)
banned most asbestos containing products, but in 1991 this rule was
Comprehensive environmental response compensation and liability act (CERCLA)
objective is to clean up
law authorizing EPA to respond to releases of hazardous substances that may endanger public health
residential lead based paint hazard reduction act
enabling regulations to ensure lead based paint hazards are
limiting restrictions
state things you cant do ex: no dog run
affirmative restrictions
state things you must follow; ex: set back reqs, minimum square footage etc
deed restrictions
can restrict an owners use more severely than zoning ordinances
national flood insurance program
federal program enabling property owners in participating communities to
special flood hazard area
identified by FEMA in flood hazard boundary maps to show the high risk areas; aka