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Search Facility
This allows user to search for information around the internet by entering a query into a web browser, which forwards it to a search engine, which then scans the internet for webpages containing the relevant data.
History List
This keeps a list of webpages visited in the previous days and weeks. The user can set the number of days that web addresses are stored for.
This filters out content depending on the users choice and blocks websites based on content and language.
Private Browsing
This means that websites visited by the user are not stored in the history list and internet files and cookies are not stored on the computer; which can help the user to not leave personal data.
Enable personalisation by allowing to ability to add toolbars, appearance settings, and security settings.
Unique Browser Features
Buttons which take take the user directly to their email home page.
This is used to exchange information and is
Domain Name
Consists of the name of the host server, www, and often a top level domain name such as ccea.org.