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Country Code
Identifies the country, e.g .uk.
Mailto Protocol
Enables the user to write an email to a particular email address.
Ftp Protocol
Enables the user to upload webpages to web servers.
Differences between HTML and HTTP
HyperText Markup Language and HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Web site
is a set of related web pages served from a single web domain.
Web page
is a document, typically written in plain text interspersed with formatting instructions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, XHTML) may incorporate elements from other websites with suitable markup anchors.
is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering or that is followed automatically. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.
Search engine
is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages .