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Many browsers now feature pop–up blockers.
Pop–up and pop–under windows tend to annoy users. What is another reason to avoid using pop–ups in your Web site designs?
Which browser supports "skins," which are themes that can be applied to the browser interface to customize its appearance?
A published list of IP addresses known to be sources of spam
Some types of Web content are very likely to make users unhappy with your site and perhaps your business. Such content may even result in legal consequences or blacklisting. What is a blacklist?
Sending messages to recipients who have signed up to receive messages
Which of the following is a legitimate way for businesses to use bulk e–mail?
Single–browser technologies
Which of the following limits your Web site's audience to users who are using a specific vendor's browser?
Which browser is optimized for Mac OS X systems?
You must test the sites you create in multiple browsers and versions.
Every browser functions somewhat differently, so a Web page that looks good in one browser might not work at all in another. As a Web developer, how does this affect you?
Presentation layer
The functionality of Web browsers can be divided into three components, or layers. Which layer of Web browser functionality is the browser window that displays the page requested by the user?