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As a Web designer, how should Web browser features affect your Web designs?
You should be careful that you do not make your site unusable by users with less dominant browsers.
In the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, what is the purpose of an accelerator?
It allows you to reduce the number of keystrokes and clicks required to perform certain tasks.
site visitors must rely on the Back button to return to a previously viewed page.
Some technologies and some design techniques limit your site's usefulness to certain audiences, and others commonly annoy users. You should avoid such technologies and techniques in your site designs. For example, your site's navigation elements are insufficient if:
Adaptive browsers
Which type of browser is specialized to enable users with disabilities to use the Web?
To filter out registration attempts by spam bots
For what purpose would you implement a CAPTCHA on your Web site?
Which of the following correctly describes the capabilities of modern mobile device browsers?
They offer browsing on a handheld device that is as good as browsing on a desktop computer.
The Web.
What thing connects computers to each other?
How is called Shared information?