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Differences between iPads, iPhones, & iPods

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The first original tablet made by Apple™. Exactly the same as iPhone 3, except larger.
iPad 2
Lighter than the original iPad; better display.
iPad 3
Has Siri, and Microphone next to the space bar that lets you speak what you want to type.
iPad 3 with retina display
Obviously retina display, smaller charger, everything iPad 3 has.
iPad mini
Smaller than all iPads; smaller charger.
iPhone 3
is a Smartphone developed by Apple
iPhone 4
Larger, and square shaped. better display.
iPhone 4S
Has Siri, and Microphone next to space bar.
iPhone 5
Better display, siri, Microphone, taller
iPod Classic
a pocket sized device used to play music files
iPod Nano
a smaller device, touch screen
iPod shuffle
rectangle, or square. not touch screen
iPod Touch
larger, with touch screen