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iOS5 App Development Basics

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iOS Simulator
Gives you an idea of how your app would look and behave if it were running on an iOS device.
Apple's Integrated development environment (IDE).
Built on top of the C programming language and provides object-oriented capabilities and a dynamic runtime.
Cocoa Touch
Defines the functional building blocks (classes) that make iOS devices perform certain actions
Collection of interface elements and data storage elements etc you can access from your applications
Way to refer to an object within its own methods
Master class in iOS
The superclass for WelcomeViewController
Symbol used for inheritance
an object that draws content in a rectangular area and handles events caused by user's touches.
Define a set of behaviours that are expected of an object in a given situation.
To use a new class you need to _______ it
The '@' symbol is shorthand for creating one of these
instance itself.
pointer to any object
UILabel *myLabel = [[UILabel
Write a statement to declare and initialize a label object called 'myLabel'
UILabel *myLabel =
Write a statement to declare and initialize a label object called 'myLabel' to "GO!"
what do you set an object to to destroy it
for(<initialization>;<test condition>;<update
Fixed iteration repetition control structure syntax
NSString *phrase = @"Hello World";
Symbol often denoting a 'pointer'
What's the difference between Cocoa and Cocoa Touch?
Cocoa is the development framework used for most native Mac OS X applications; Cocoa Touch is customized for a touch interface
An example of a common collection data type
Class that creates an array capable of being changed after it is create
Class that allows URL management
first responder
a dynamic placeholder that represents the first object to receive various events while the app runs.
Object Library
Contains objects which belong in a view that you can add to storyboard such as visible buttons, visible text fields and invisible objects such as view controllers and gesture recognizers.
Determine how controls resize/reposition
What do the Autosizing settings of the Size Inspector do?
between it and the other label?
Hold down the Option key and point to the other label. The distance will be shown
A skeleton (holding place) or framework of code that will be completed in the future; provided initially so code will compile (but it may not function)
The Inspector you will need if you want to connect a custom class to an object in Interface Builder
In the MVC design pattern for iOS apps, this aspect provides the underlying data and methods that offer information to the rest of the application
In the MVC design pattern for iOS apps, this aspect is responsible for receiving user input and acting accordingly, and serves as a 'bridge' between the other two components. It is the backbone of the app.
True or false: Beginning with iOS4, applications no longer terminate when the user presses the Home button
A scene is where you edit
What is the relationship between storyboards, scenes, views, and view controllers?
Visual representation of the app's user interface. Used to layout the flow - or story - that drives your app.
Disables the Return key on the keyboard
Purpose of the "Auto-enable Return Key" attribute for text fields
Purpose of "Secure" attribute for text fields
Treats the field as a password, hiding each character as it is typed
What are data detectors?
Attribute settings for some onscreen controls (like text areas) that analyze content and provide helpful links based on what they find. For example, phone numbers can be touched to dial the phone; web addresses…
How do you show a storyboard file as source code?
Right-click on it in the Navigator panel and choose "Open as..." and select "Source Code"
For a text field, what does the "Clear Button" look like?
Gray circle with a white "X" in it, positioned to the right of the text field box
How do you get rid of an onscreen keyboard?
Send the 'resignFirstResponder' message to the object that currently controls the keyboard (such as a text field)
Under what circumstances would you need an outlet for a button if it's just needed to trigger an action?
If you have an image file called 'myImage.png' and you make a hi-res version for the retina display, what should be the name of the new file?
File name suffix indicating an image is suitable for retina display
In a stepper control, when this attribute option is checked, the stepper's value is automatically set to the minimum value when the maximum value is exceeded (or vice versa).
Boolean for 'false' in Objective-C
this format string character takes any object and calls the description method on that object
what is the format string character for int
view controller
A class that manages the user's interaction with the iDevice
Represents a screen of content in your app.
a transition between scenes
Program received signal:
Crash statement likely when an NSString is assigned a value with an incorrect format
Connections between Objects in the Interface Builder and the header file are formed by _______-_______ from the object to the proper place in the header file
Attribute that informs Xcode not to worry about different parts of the application using a property at the same time
This keyword in the property directive is related to memory management and refers to the idea that we want to maintain control of memory issues
sending syntax
[myLabel setText:@"Howdy"];
- (IBAction)moveMe:
Typical header syntax for a button that will be applying the 'moveMe' action in an app
with the file name 'wallPaper_01.png'
UIImage *wp1 = [UIImage imageNamed:@"wallPaper_01.png"];
initializes the array.
bgImages = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects: wp1, wp2, wp3, wp4, wp5, nil];
Scaling, rotation, and translation are the most commonly used manipulations supported by _______ transforms, but skewing is also possible.
Class used for image manipulations such as scaling, rotation and translation. Its data structure represents a matrix used for affine transformations.
[shrinkButton setTitle:@"Grow" forState: UIControlStateNormal];
A view has a 'Shrink' button whose label needs to change once it is clicked to 'Grow'. Write a 'message' type command to change it's label to 'Grow'
You are creating an app for a company whose URL is
Something unique, based on the app's name (perhaps
What are the guidelines for the class prefix for a project?
The Console area
If you wish to 'echo print' breadcrumb info as you develop your app, this panel must be visible
In most graphical user interfaces, a _______ view is a view that must be dismissed ('OK' button, 'Cancel' button for example) before the user can perform any other actions in the application.
project...leaving breadcrumbs)
NSLog(@"%s", __FUNCTION__);
without using the Connections inspector
Control-click on the View Controller's icon to bring up a Connections
Command plus the navigator's position in the
Memory aid for keyboard shortcuts in the Navigator panel
Look at the three icons at
you see no information in the panel. What's the problem and what is the solution?
selector' is _______
graduationParty ... addAttendee:withDish