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iPad Models & Info.
iPad 2\n9.7 Inch Display\nDual Core A5 Chip\n1024–by–768 resolution \nat 132 pixels per
iPod Classic iPod Shuffle iPod Nano iPod Touch
Name all current iPod Models Offered
MacBook Air MacBook Pro Mac Mini iMac Mac Pro
Name all current Mac Models Offered
Name Current MacBook Pro Models & Specs.
13 Inch 2.5/2.9GHz\n13 Inch (Retina Display) 2.5GHz\n\n15 Inch
Name Current MacBook Air Models & Specs.
11–Inch\n1.7GHz dual–core Intel Core i5 processor\nTurbo Boost up
Name Current Mac mini Models & Specs.
2.5GHz dual–core Intel Core i5\n4GB memory\n500GB hard drive1\nIntel HD
Name Current iMac Models & Specs.
21.5–inch: 2.7GHz\n2.7GHz quad–core Intel Core i5\nTurbo Boost up to
Name Current iPhones Available in store
iPhone 5 A6 Chip\niPhone 4s A5 Chip\niPhone 4 A4 Chip
Name differences between past and new iPhone models
OLD\nHeight: 4.5 inches (115.2 mm)\nWidth: 2.31 inches
Name Current Mac Pro Models & Specs
Quad Core\nOne 3.2GHz Quad–Core Intel Xeon\n6GB Memory\n1TB Drive\n\n12–