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iOS App Development with Swift

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an object that draws content in a rectangular area and handles events caused by user's touches.
In the MVC design pattern for iOS apps, this aspect provides the underlying data and methods that offer information to the rest of the application
In the MVC design pattern for iOS apps, this aspect is responsible for receiving user input and acting accordingly, and serves as a 'bridge' between the other two components. It is the backbone of the app.
Model View Controller
MVC - a model for app development that Apple wants developers to follow
Visual representation of the app's user interface. Used to layout the flow - or story - that drives your app.
bundle identifier
Reverse Internet domain style identifier for the bundle (allows us to uniquely identify an
A specification in your app design on the storyboard that makes sure your UI elements stay where
Contains code linked to a certain storyboard frame that runs code depending on certain actions
The thing that triggers a function
Interface Builder - tells us that the function is linked to story builder or interface builder
What does the little circle in the gutter next to an action function in ViewController.swift do?
Connections Inspector
Lets you view the actions and outlets for interface objects, create new connections, and
Connection between code and some object on the storyboard
weak storage
Memory management category - someone else created variable
strong storage
Memory management category - you created variable, so keep variable around until you don't need it
Allows us to declare variables without any value - makes its value Optional
Navigation Controller
convenience class that presents a navigation toolbar to manage hierarchal data and its
iOS Developer Framework that is used to play audio-visual media
Class in AVFoundation that can be used to play sound from a file