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iOS Development - Basics

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What is the purpose of UIApplicationMain function?
The UIApplicationMain function creates an application object that sets up the infrastructure for your app to work with the iOS system. This includes creating a run loop that delivers input events to your app.
What is the purpose of @autoreleasepool?
The @autoreleasepool statement is there to support memory management for your app. It is part of memory management infrastructure.
What makes memory management straightforward and how?
Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) makes memory management straightforward by getting the compiler to do the work of keeping track of who owns an object.
What does UIApplicationMain function do?
UIApplicationMain function creates two important initial components of an application:
What does application object do?
The application object manages the app event loop and coordinates other high-level app behaviors. This class, defined in the UIKit framework, doesn't require you to write any additional code to get it to do its job.
What is app delegate?
Xcode created this class for us as part of setting up the Empty Application template. The app delegate creates the window where your app's content is drawn and provides a place to respond to s…
What happens at app start up?
As your app starts up, the application object calls defined methods on the app delegate to give your custom code a chance to do its job—that's where the interesting behavior for an app is executed.
The app delegate interface contains a single
What property does app delegate has and why is it important?
What does app delegate implementation contain?
The app delegate implementation contains "skeletons" of important methods. These predefined methods allow the application object to talk to the app delegate.
What is a storyboard?
A storyboard is a visual representation of the app's user interface, showing screens of content and the transitions between them. You use storyboards to lay out the flow—or story—that drives your app.
What do Xcode templates include?
Xcode templates include preconfigured storyboards providing views, view controllers, and associated source code files that set up the basic architecture for an app
This option tells Xcode to include the new
What does Target option tells (when creating a new storyboard)?
When app starts up, the application object checks
How is particular storyboard used as the interface to your app?
What kind of objects we can add to story board?
Xcode provides a library of objects that you can add to a storyboard file. Some of these are user interface elements that belong in a view, such as buttons and text fields. Others define…