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iOS: Building a simple iPhone app

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What is the purpose of synthesizing your property?
Synthesizing helps create getter and setter methods for
Boolean for 'false' in Objective-C
What is a pseudo-random number?
A number generated using a mathematical formula
Attribute that informs Xcode not to worry about different parts of the application using a property at the same time
What is an imageview?
A container for displaying an image.
The ordering of the views and controls in the view hierarchy are determined by their size.
True or false: Beginning with iOS4, applications no longer terminate when the user presses the Home button
What is an image view?
It's a container to display an image.
A view is created from a class known as UIView
views underneath a view.
create them from a variety of sources such as (Internet, File System within your app)
Main view
The main view is a property of view view controller
How to go back to the code editor command+~
the button
button: background image
button: image
Highlighted is a button state
Normal is a button state
Disabled is a button state
Image and background
Image and background are the two properties of a button to display an image
retina display
A retina display requires a higher resolution image than a regular one
retina display,
How do we get images to look great on retina? We need to add images that are twice the size.
640 X 960 pixels.
What is double the display of an iphone? 640 X 960 pixels.
How many times larger is an image for an iPhone Retina display than the standard iPhone display?
File name suffix indicating an image is suitable for retina display
The standard image appears
What happens if you don't provide larger image for a Retina Display iPhone?
If a standard image is sized 44 x 44 px then how big do you need to make that image for an iPhone 4 / 4S?
Which parent class contains the methods that respond to motion events?
Accelerometer and Gyroscope
Which two sensors detect motion events?
Create a method in the same class which
What can you do when the same lines of code are repeated several times?
Which method can be used to detect finger movement along the screen?
Which is the only method you need when detecting a simple tap?
the details. This is the more 'relaxed' , less 'powerful' setting of two possibilities
True or False - Every C program must have a main function.