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iOS7 Apps for iPhone & iPad

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Cocoa Touch
Defines the functional building blocks (classes) that make iOS devices perform certain actions
Classic MVC structure
Model - application area model with no UI.
Classic MVC communication channels
No links model to view.
View to Controller communication using target - action pattern.
Controller defines a 'target' upon itself which is
View Model synchronisation
Controller provides delegate for use with in the view. The delegate would then
Model data update notification
Models do not communicate directly with controller. Instead they set up "radio
Objective-C and C
Objective-C is a strict superset of C.
File extensions
.h headers
Class declarations in headers
@interface ClassName : BaseClassName
#import "ClassName.h"
Class definitions in source files
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
Including Objective-C headers
#import "Card.h"
Property definition in source file - the default code as would be generated by the compiler.
@property (nonatomic,getter=isChosen) BOOL chosen
Explicitly setting property getter names in declarations
-(int)match:(Card *)arCard;
Method declarations - one parameter
'Dot notation' for setters and getters
Only use for setters and getters.
for..... in.... statement
Equivalent to C++ foreach