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appstore.gene.com (appstore.roche.com for roche)
What's the URL to get apps?
What's a provisioning profile?
Configurations that allow genentech apps to run on devices (genentech apps wouldnt
What is Juno's pulse?
VPN from your home network. Like gConnect for your iphone/ipad.
iSetup is installed when more than how many profiles are installed.
When do you reset the network settings?
When you feel that issues are network related, or things are slow and
DNA 34010 - activate a new AT&T phone
brand new phone call ATT, wait up to 4 hours, setup via iSetup, say "no"
DNA 51229 - configure iphone/ipad using iSetup
select gmail via IMAP > turn notes on > turn mail off (otherwise
settings > general > profiles
DNA 46369 - resolve my iphone profile expiration
DNA 59984 - find my iphone or ipad backup password
Stores settings and phone memory from the previous phone.
Whats the difference between syncing and backup?
sync matches all apps and docs that are there and backup
How do you back up your iphone?
connect device > transfer purchases from "_______" iphone.
How do you backup photos?
connect device > launch iphoto
How to start iSetup
launch safari > go to "isetup.gene.com" > login via unixID and pw > click anything that