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project navigator
The File icon on the left indicates the...
xib is prounouced?
NIB file
When you build a project, the xib file is compiled into a
Developers manipulate _______ files, and applications use _______ files
When you build an application, the compiled NIB file is copied into the applications's...
File's Owner
An instance of UIApplication. The event queue for you application is managed by this object
first responder
a dynamic placeholder that represents the first object to receive various events while the app runs.
An instance of QuizAppDelegate, an object created by Xcode specifically for this project. You will
a container for app's visible content.
Navigator, Debug, and Utilities
The "View" area on the top right side toggles what three views, in order
The inspector and the library
The utilities area has two section. What are they?
In the "attributes inspector" you can...
Set the instance variables of the selected object
What is a Model-View-Controller pattern?
Every object you create is exactly one of the following: a model
Model Objects
Hold data and know nothing about the user interface. Model objects usually use standard collection
View Objects
Are visible to the user. Views are usually standard UIView subclasses. Usually end in the word
Factory Workers They focus only on completing specific
View and model objects are the _______ of an application
Controllers are the _______ of an application
Controllers do these 3 things
Keep the view and model objects in sync, control the "flow" of the application,
app delegate
a window into which app content is drawn.
What do IBAction and IBOutlet do?
Allow you to connect your controller and view objects in the XIB file
another object is in memory
A connection lets an object know where
Connections (pointers) must go...
the way in which the informations flowing
When UIButton is tapped, it...
sends a message (an action) to another object called the "target"
Control-drag from the object to its target
To set and object's target and actions, you
An application icon is
a simple image that represents the applicaton on the iOS desktop.
57x57 pixels
Application icon size of iPhone/iPod touch (no Retina display)
114x114 pixels
Application icon size of iPhone/iPod touch (with Retina display)
72x72 pixels
Application icon size of iPad
code and resources
In general there are two types of files in an application...
Resources are things like...
images and sounds and XIB that are used by the application at runtime
XIB files are read at?
application is loading
The launch image appears while the...
320x480 pixels
iPhone/iPod touch (no retina display) launch image size
640x960 pixels
iPhone/iPod touch (retina display) launch image size
1024x768 pixels
iPad luanch image size
The Objective-C language is...
a simple extension of of the C language
Cocoa Touch is a collection of...
groups of objective-C classes called frameworks.
Here an instance
Describe what happens when you do NSMutableArray *arrayInstance = [NSMutableArray alloc].
...an initialization message (init).
The first message you send to a newly allocated instance is
Both alloc and init
return a pointer to the newly created object so that you have reference to it.
[arrayInstance addObject: anotherObject];
How do you add objects to a NSMutableArray?
[arrayInstance replaceObjects: aRange
How do you replace objects using NSMutableArray?
only ONE message is sent
For every pair of square brackets...
[arrayInstance release];
How do you destroy an object?
nil is...
the zero pointer.
False. Nothing happens.
True or False. In Objective-C, sending a message to nil is illegal.
[arrayInstance insertObject: newObject
How do you insert one object in NSMutableArray?
[arrayInstance count];
How do you the number of objects in an Array?
[myString Length];
How do you find the length of a string?
format specifications,
When printing strings, tokens are also called _______ and are prefixed by _______.
You cannot change _______ after the items are initially added to it. You can change _______, however.
it hold a pointer
In Objective-C, an array does not actually contain the objects that belong to it, instead...
False. Arrays in objective C can only hold
True or False. You can add primitives and C structures to an array.
an object that represents nil
Master class in iOS
Objective-C only allows for _______ inheritance.
@interface ClassName: SuperClassName
What does the interface heading look like?
A _______ is another word for a pointer.
inside the instance itself.
Non-pointer instance variable are stored...
instance itself.
The methods used to get and set instance variables are called...
the name of the instance variable itself.
In objective-C, the name of the getter method is simply...
0 and nil. Primitives are 0 and pointers
When an object is created, all of its instance variables are set to...
pointer to any object
selector, return
In Objective-C you cannot have a method with the same _______ (name) and different _______.
What is the isa pointer?
Every object has an instance variable called isa. When an instance is created by
call the superclass's designated
In the designated initializer, the first thing you always do is...
return a pointer to the successfully
In the designated initializer, the last thing you always do is...
When you send a message to super, you are actually...
...sending a message to self but demanding the search for
designated initializer
Each class picks on initializer as its...
The designated initializer calls...
the superclass's designated initializer.
Initializers other than the designated initializer call...
the designated initializer, NOT the super class's
...override the
If a class declares a designate initializer that is different from its superclass, you MUST...
Class methods usually...
create new instances of class or retrieve some global property of the class. Class
first, initializers
Class methods are _______ followed by _______
convenience methods.
In Objective-C, class methods that return an object of the their type are called...
Way to refer to an object within its own methods
compile-time error. The code fails to
If we try to call a function that doesn't exist, it results in a...
it results in a run-time error
If you send a message to an object that doesn't respond...
First Responder
a dynamic placeholder that represents the first object to receive various events while the app
coordinates the presentation of one or more views on the screen
The root class of most Objective-C classes. Provides memory-management functionality and allows
Used to indicate any type of object
refers to an instance of its own class