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First iOS App: HelloWorld.

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app delegate
a window into which app content is drawn.
a container for app's visible content.
Visual representation of the app's user interface. Used to layout the flow - or story - that drives your app.
an object that draws content in a rectangular area and handles events caused by user's touches.
views underneath a view.
View Hierarchy
Defines the layout of views relative to other views. The view hierarchy that you create graphically in a storyboard scene is effectively a set of archived Objective-C objects.
Represents a screen of content in your app.
a transition between scenes
Outline View
Lets you see a hierarchical representation of the objects in your storyboard.
first responder
a dynamic placeholder that represents the first object to receive various events while the app runs.
mechanism in which an activated UI element can send an action message to a an object that can perform the corresponding action method.
a list of methods.