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[Quiz] HTML5: JavaScript & jQuery Enhancements

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Client-side processing helps an application run _______ than server-side processing
View Generated Source
Option in "Web Developer Toolbar" that let's you view the page source after it has been run by a browser, especially if there were scripts that were processed
JavaScript can _______ the contents of a web page when the page is _______ or in response to a _______ action
element, text, attribute, comment
Common types of nodes: _______, _______, _______, _______
DOM _______ lets you use _______ to update a web page in response to user actions that are called _______
mouse ... keyboard
An event is usually an action the user performs with a _______ or _______
event handler
The JS code that is executed is in response to an event that is called a(n) _______
Defines an alternate content for users that do not support client-side scripts
With HTML5, this attribute may be omitted from the <script> tag, but older versions of HTML required it
True or false: charset metadata is required for HTML5 validation
If a script element is coded in the body of a document, it is _______ by the output of the JS code when the web page has been rendered
An HTML document must be _______ before and after a script runs
Specifies that an input field should be disabled
JavaScript code written to perform certain tasks repeatedly
A common 'trigger' keyword used to start an event