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New _______ in HTML add semantics and structure
... an element
A distinct object in an HTML document, such as a paragraph or a heading, is...
Empty elements
Elements that employ one-sided tags
... start tag to the end tag
An HTML element is everything from the...
When an HTML element contains other HTML elements, the contained elements are called _______elements
Nested List
a list that is an element of another list.
The technique of placing one element inside another element.
nesting tags:
tags within other tags
HTML tags are...
...keywords surrounded by angle brackets: <tag> content </tag>
...in pairs
HTML tags normally come...
opening tags closing tags
Start and end tags are also called: _______
The proper way of closing empty elements, accepted by HTML, is to add a _______ the to start tag
dog vs. "Dog" demonstrates _______
HTML tags are not case sensitive. However, W3C demands _______ for stricter document types
empty tag
a Tag without content or a closing tag
empty content
some HTML elements without Content between the brackets have...