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What do HTML attributes do?
HTML attributes provide additional information about HTML elements.
Where are HTML attributes specified?
HTML attributes are always specified in the start tag.
What is the form of an HTML attribute?
Value Attribute
Specifies the value of an input element. Value=text
HTML tags are not case sensitive. However, W3C demands _______ for stricter document types
Specifies the language of the element's content
Tag that contains the title of your page, to be displayed at the top of your browser window and/or on the open tab.
The <title> tag is used within the opening and closing _______ tags.
Which HTML attribute defines a link address in the <a> tag?
hypertext reference
href stands for _______
Defines an image
Describe the function of the <img> tag
I am the source of your images
Attribute: The URL of the embeddable content. Used in: <audio>, <embed>, <iframe>, <img>, <input>,<script>, <source>, <track>, <video>
Attribute used to define the source of an image. If the image is saved in the same folder as the page, then just type in the image file name between the quotes.
size Attribute
Specifies the width of an input element, in number of characters. Value=number
HTML images are defined with the <img> tag. :
The filename of the source (src), and the size of the image (width and height) are all provided as attributes
(HTML) Image tag
<img src="memrise.jpg" alt="Memrise Logo" width="400" height="400">
Specifies an alternative text for an image
...but single style can also be used.
Double style quotes are the most common in HTML, ...
<p title='This course is an "easy" course'>
when the attribute value itself contains double quotes, it is necessary to use single quotes :