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[Quiz] Configuring Local Storage

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What is the maximum path length a file can have in 2012?
What is the maximum number of files a directory can support
4 petabytes
What is the maximum size of any storage pool
The maximum size for a memory dump file is what?
the amount of memory installed in the computer plus 1 MB
133 MB/sec, which is relatively
ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) devices are limited to a maximum transmission speed
In HTML5, you can embed SVG elements directly into an HTML page.
600 MB/sec
Serial ATA (SATA) standards increase the maximum transmission speed to what?
SCSI offers transmission rates up to 640 MB/sec
Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is the traditional storage interface for enterprise servers. What speeds are offered?
16 devices
SCSI supports how many devices on a single bus?
What is SAS?
Serial Attached SCSI
Explain SAN technology
Dedicated storage network
Explain NAS technology
NAS devices are essentially dedicated file servers that provide file-based storage services directly to clients on the network
Explain disk duplexing
Duplexing uses duplicate host adapters as well as
How many disks can survive failure
This is like RAID 5, but instead uses two disks for parity information
What are Storage Pools and what is the relationship with Storage Spaces?
Storage Pool are the disks that can be combined together to make a large pool of disks. The disks can be from different technologies and different sizes.
What are the two types of partitions that can be created for disks?
MBR uses hidden sectors to store critical data
What is the main difference between GPT and MBR for storing metadata?
MBR volume = 2TB max
What is the size limit of a MBR volume compared to a GPT volume?
Can your boot partition be a GPT style?
Only if the correct h/w to the disk is installed (Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)
Server Manager uses what default partition type
Unlike the traditional disk manager snap-in, Server Manager uses GPT as the default partition
How many primary partitions does GPT support compared to MBR
What is a 'Basic Disk'
This is a disk type that uses MBR style.
System partition - the computer boots from
What is the difference between the System and Boot partition?
How many primary partitions can be housed in GPT partition?
When you convert to a Dynamic disk, how many partitions are created
A dynamic volume that uses concatenated space from multiple drives to create a single volume.
What is a Spanned volume. How is the space used and What are the advantages and dis-advantages?
Consists of space from 2 to 32 physical disks, all of which must be
What is a Striped volume. How is the space used and What are the advantages and dis-advantages?
Consists of space on three or more physical disks, all of which must
What is a RAID 5 volume. How is the space used and What are the advantages and dis-advantages?
No NTFS permissions.
What is a FAT32. What are the advantages and dis-advantages?
Max disk size of 4GB
What is a FAT. What are the advantages and dis-advantages?
Resilient File System
What is a ReFS. What are 2 advantages and dis-advantages?
Should or shouldn't you?
No you cannot use Disk Manager
You have installed a new disk on a server and prepare it through Server Manager. What is the default partition type?
What disk format does Hyper-V rely on?
VHD - uses NTFS file system
What is the difference between a VHD and a VHDX disk?
What is the difference between evicting a disk and removing a disk?
Evicting a disk causes the data to be transferred to other disks in the storage pool
Storage pool - if they are then this allows for striping, mirroring or parity
Where can virtual disks be created? And what is the importance of where they are created?
What are the 3 options for VHDs created in a Storage pool?
Simple - requires at least one disk. If more than one disk is used then the data is automatically striped
To use the disk a volume must be created on it.
You have just finished creating a virtual disk from a storage pool. What must you next do?
Volumes are created on dynamic disks
What is the difference between a partition and a volume?
Extending a volume uses spare space on the same disk
What is the difference between a spanned volume and an extended volume
Are string mutable?
You want to extend a volume on a basic disk - what requirements must it meet?
A volume of a basic disk must be either unformatted or formatted with the NTFS file system.
Can you extend boot or system volumes if the disk is basic?
You can extend logical drives, boot volumes, or system volumes only into contiguous space, and only if the hard disk can be upgraded to a dynamic disk.
What file system must a simple volume have if it is to be expanded
NTFS file system. (You cannot extend volumes using the FAT or FAT32 file systems.)
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