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Web site
an entire collection of linked documents
deprecated features
Older features of HTML that are being phased out by the W3C.
head element
contains information about the document--the document's title or keywords that a search engine on the Web might use to identify this document for other users
World Wide Web Consortium or W3C
The group of Web developers and programmers who set standards for browser manufacturers to follow
<a> tag
an html tag used to mark hyperlinks to external documents or to locations within the current document
absolute path
a folder path that specifies a files precise location within the entire folder structure of a computer
an element marked with the <a> tag used to mark a specific location within the Web page.
augmented linear structure
a linear structure in which each page also contains an additional link back to the opening page of a section
client-side image map
an image map defined within the Web page and handled entirely by the Web browser running on a user's computer
e-mail harvester
program that scans HTML code for email addresses
hierarchical structure
a structure in which the home page links to pages dedicated to specific topics and those pages,in turn, can be linked to even more specific topic
home page
A Web page that acts as a focal point for a Web site and is usually the first page that users see
a zone within an image map linked to a specific document
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
a set of rules defining how information is passed between the Web browser and the Web sever
image map
a set of hotspots associated with an image , with each hotspots linked to a different document
linear structure
a structure in which each page is linked with the pages that follow and precede it
information within a Web page that contains information about the Web site itself
nav element
the HTML element used to mark navigation lists
navigation list
a list containing links to the main topical areas of the Web sites
parent folders
a folder which contains the current folder
a set of rules defining how information is passed between to devices
relative path
a folder that specifies a files location in relation to the location of the current document
semantic link
a hyperlink in which the hypertext tag contains information about the relationship between the link and its destination
server-side image map
an image map that relies on a program running on the web server to create and administer the map
sibling folder
a folder which is a child folder of the parent folder, but different from the current folder