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is a worldwide collection of computer networks that link together millions of computers used by businesses, the government, educational purposes, organizations, and individuals using modems, telephones lines, and other communication device and media.
A structure linking computers together for the purposes of sharing resources such as files and printers
Internet backbone
is a high-speed data line that connects major computer systems located around the world.
Internet service Provider (ISP)
is a company that has a permanent connection to the internet backbone.
World Wide Web
A system of interconnected hypertext documents accessible over the Internet.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HHTP)
which is a set of rules for exchanging text, graphics, sounds, video, and other multimedia files.
Web site
an entire collection of linked documents
home page
A Web page that acts as a focal point for a Web site and is usually the first page that users see
Web server (host)
is a computer that stores and sends (serves) requested Web pages and other files.
Internet site
is a Web site that generally is available to the public.