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is a private network that uses standard internet technologies to share company information among employees.
Extra net
is a private network that uses Internet technologies to share business information with select corporate partners or key customers.
a word, phrase, or image that you can click on to jump to a new document or a new section within the current document.
Hyper markup Language (HTML)
authoring language used to create documents on the world wide web.
Tags (markup)
the structure and layout of a Web document and specify how the page is displayed in a browser.
Platform independent
meaning you can create, or code, an HTML file on one type of computer and then use the browser on another type of computer to view the files as a Web page.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
A group of Web developers, programmers and authors who set standard for browsers to follow.
text editor
A program that can be used to write and save HTML documents.
HTML editor
A program that helps you write HTML by inserting HTML codes for you as you work.
WYSIWYG editor
is a program that provides a graphical user interface that allows a developer to see what the Web page will look like while the document is being created.
Web site layouts connect Web pages in a straight line.
Web page layout that connects pages in a tree-like structure.
Web site layouts that has no structure.
Narrow Web site
is one in which the homepage is the main index page, and all other Web pages are individually linked to the home page.
Deep Web site
is one that has many levels of pages, requiring the user to click many times to reach a particular Web page.
is the measure of how well a product, such as the Web site, allows a user to accomplish his or her goals.
Usability testing
is a method by which users of a Web site or other product are asked to perform certain tasks in an effort to measure the product's ease-of-use and the user's perception of the experience.
Indicates the beginning of a web page
what will be visible on the actual page such as text, images, and links
Makes the text bold
a diagram of a Web site's structure, showing all the pages in the site and indicating how they are linked together
like parentheses: whenever you open one, you should close it
is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator and is a reference (an address) to a resource on the Internet.
the process or result of correcting text in preparation for printing.
Wysisyg editor
WYSIWYG is an acronym for "What You See Is What You Get". In computing, a WYSIWYG editor is a system in which content displayed onscreen during editing appears in a form closely corresponding to…
Hierarchical web site
any system of persons or things ranked one above another
Webbed web site
connected group of pages on the World Wide Web