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A network of networks; the largest Wide Area Network.
A structure linking computers together for the purposes of sharing resources such as files and printers
HTML is a markup language
What kind of language is HTML?
What is a markup language?
A markup language is a set of markup tags.
HTML documents contain ?
HTML tags and plain text
the process or result of correcting text in preparation for printing.
marks each element in a document using angle brackets
What are HTML markup tags usually called?
HTML markup tags are usually called HTML tags.
HTML tags are...
...keywords surrounded by angle brackets: <tag> content </tag>
start tag (or opening tag)
An HTML element starts with a _______
end tag (or closing tag)
An HTML element ends with an _______
The proper way of closing empty elements, accepted by HTML, is to add a _______ the to start tag
...closing tag
</b> is an example of a ...
case sensitive
means that whether text is typed upper or lower case matters.
HTML tags are not case sensitive. However, W3C demands _______ for stricter document types
Body element
contains all of the content to be displayed in the Web page
Where are HTML attributes specified?
HTML attributes are always specified in the start tag.