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Defines a header for a document or section; may contain introductory content or navigation links.
Used to contain the major navigational blocks on the site such as the primary site navigation.
Defines a section in a document, such as chapters, parts of a thesis, or parts of a Web page whose content is distinct from each other.
Acts as a container for any section of the page that could stand alone and potentially be syndicated. Defines an independent self-contained article
Defines content aside from the page content
Defines content aside from the page content; separate from but related to the page content; similar to a sidebar in book chapters and magazine articles
Defines a footer for a document or section; may include the document author, contact information, copyright information, and links to terms of use.
Defines additional details that the user can view or hide
Defines a heading for the details element
HTML Layout Using Tables
Layout can be achieved using the <table> element, because table elements can be styled with CSS. Though, the <table> element was not designed to be a layout tool.