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[Quiz] Page Layout & CSS

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What happens in the box model when adjacent top and bottom margins combine into a single margin equal to the greater of the two values.
page flow
The default order of a Web page in which elements are displayed based on the sequence in which they appear in the HTML code.
relative positioning
used to move an element relative to its default position on the page
absolute positioning
enables you to place an element at specific coordinates
To overlap Web page elements using positioning.
A new level displayed on top of the basic flow of elements on the Web page, into which a positioned element is placed.
fixed positioning
A positioning technique similar to absolute positioning that places an element at the top of the stacking order and positions it relative to the browser window rather than to a Web page element.
fixed layout
A web page layout that uses a fixed page width.
fluid layout (liquid layout)
A web page layout that gives a Web page the flexibility to adjust its width based on the width of a user's browser window.