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no they are not.
Are CSS 3 and Javascript part of HTML 5?
Is HTML5 not finished yet.
HTML5 is not finished yet.
What are javascript APIs?
there are new JavaScript APIs. What that means is it kind of makes sense that there will be new objects and methods in JavaScript,
Are the new features implemented as one thing into browsers?
These features are being implemented into new browsers piece by piece, not as one thing.
Why is it important to know this?
we should know the new features are being built into browsers step by step which means we still have to wait to be able to take the advantage of the whole HTML 5. browsers …
What is caniuse.com, for?
it allows you to break down features of HTML5 and CSS3 that are
We get the following method as well.
What other method do we get with HTML 5?
What does it do?
it returns all elements that match that class.
we separate the arguments by spaces.
How do we tell it to find multiple classes?
are these functions available in explorer 8 and earlier versions?
no they are only available in explorer 9 and above.
we should use jQuery instead.
What can i do if i want to use them in earlier version than 8?
What does HTML 5 have regarding videos what HTML 4 does not have.
It is the video tag. HTML 4 does not have a video tag. and therefore we can not manipulate videos with JS. but HTML 5 has a video tag that can be manipulated with JS.
in HTML 5 we can add additional methods to getElementById.
What is the difference between using getElementById in JS and using getElementById in HTML 5?
What methods can you add?
Does getElementById object have events as well?
the object also has events, so we can choose to listen out for say the ended event.
How can i assume that?
whichever browser uses this video tag proves that it is a modern browser with modern plug-ins which means that they can already handle addEventLister as well
other events are play and pause.
What other events can we react to besides "ended"?
What storage options do HTML 5 bring us?
We have the option of local storage or offline storage.
we use localStorage[] array.
What container do we use for that?
What is a web worker object attached to?
it is attached to another javascript file just like the example below.
What is the new feature of HTML 5 called Webworkers about?
We'll be able to load JavaScript and make it run in the background, regardless of what else is going on in your page.so java script can be run simultaneously with other codes.
How does the interpreter usually move in a document?
as we learnt so far interpreter moves line by line but with this object we can ask it to interpret simultaneously.
Can most of the other languages interpret simultaneously?
This is something that most other languages can do, usually under the term multithreading, but JavaScript has never been able to do.
What do we speak about when we speak about web workers?
You can create a new Worker object and point it to a separate file of JavaScript.
How to create a new worker object?
as usual with new Worker just like below
Can the worker object directly affect the DOM?
the Worker object can't directly affect the DOM,
How does it affect the DOM?
it affects the DOM through another js page.
In which browser are web workers supported?
Now Web Workers aren't supported in Internet Explorer yet, but are available in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
What is the line of process that web worker object works?
we kick off a function in the web worker js file which then sends a message to our js file which reacts to it as a result of the event handler.
What starts the function in the worker file?
the message that we send to kick it off.
What happens to the message that sends the worker file?
the event handler sees the event the triggers the process.
html 5 should only be learnt after learning javaScript.
What are cross-browser differences?
it means the some of the browsers is able to run certain feature while other are not capable of it.
When do we have to pay attention to cross browser differences?
if you want to be an early adopter of a programming languages like now HTML 5.
Why do we have to pay attention to cross browser differences?
when the language is very new the browsers are not able to handle it very well so we always have to check if they can handle certain features.
What should we do to find out if a browser support a feature or not?
We write a code (an if statement) like in the above image which checks it while it is running.
What is the difference between browser detection and feature detection?
You do not want to be worried about writing code to detect whether the user has Chrome version 12.1 on a Mac or Firefox 3 on a PC, but we might want to ask, …
Why are we interested in feature detection now?
we want to know if the browser is able to run HTML 5.
Are we calling the getElementsByClassName method in the example below?
we are not calling it. that is why we are not using the parentheses after it.
if HTML5 video doesn't exist, we can generate some elements to include a Flash Player.
What can we do if it turns out to be the browser is not compatible with e.g. the video tag of HTML 5?